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Student E-locker Access

E-Locker is a network storage area available to all CPCC students. This service is intended to provide mobile network storage and quick access to documents, eliminating the need to save class work on a portable storage device for transport.

Student Responsibility - Students are responsible for backing up any files stored on their E-Locker to an alternate location such as a CD, DVD, USB flash drive or online storage. Our Student Technology Center computers have the capability to back up files to any of these mediums.

Storage Quota - The maximum allowed storage is 30 MB of data. If you exceed this limit, you will be unable to save new files, modify existing files, or perform other tasks.

Additional Storage - Students are recommended to use a USB flash drive to back up and store files larger than 30 MB. Additional personal storage solutions include online storage providers such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive which offer free and premium services.

Retention Policy - E-Locker files are accessible for as long as the student is enrolled in classes. If the student does not register for classes during two consecutive terms (not counting summer), the data in the student's E-locker is deleted.

Accessing E-Locker And Checking Available Quota

Note: You must be using Microsoft Internet Explorer. You will be prompted for authentication information. Enter your CPCC Login ID for username, and your password in the password field.

Alternate Connection Methods - If you regularly access your E-Locker from the same computer, you might be interested in mapping your eLocker as a network drive. This allows you to map a Windows folder to your E-Locker. You can also access your eLocker folders using Citrix Remote Desktop.

Alternate WebDAV Clients - Since E-Locker uses WebDAV technology, it is accessible via any SSL capable WebDAV client. Connect to https://elocker.cpcc.edu/home/<cpccloginID>, where <cpccloginID> is your College issued CPCC Login username. Linux users may use Cadaver or Konqueror.

Current Mac OS Steps:

  1. Click on your desktop
  2. Click "Go" on the toolbar
  3. Select "Connect to Server"
  4. Under server address type https://elocker.cpcc.edu/home/<cpccloginID>,
  5. Click "Connect"
  6. Enter your CPCC Login ID and Password
A connection to the eLocker will then be placed on the desktop for easy access.

Troubleshooting - If you have trouble accessing E-Locker using the form above, try the steps outlined in the E-Locker troubleshooting guide.

Note - This service generally works best with a fast internet connection (ie. cable or DSL) when manipulating large files. Due to the wide variety of software configurations commonly encountered outside the college network, we are not able to provide support for remote connectivity through an ISP.